Don’t forget that Gigi is the spokesdog for the Pet Postcard Project and is earning 32 TONS (64,000 lbs) of Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food for the spcaLA and for the Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue.

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I was sooo excited when I heard about a dog tag that lets pooches tweet on Twitter…until I found out what it really was.

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His name is Scrappy Doo and he’s very sweet! Sooo nice to other doggies, little humans, and all the big humans. He’s looking to go home with you furever!

When you see these crazy mutts you can’t help but bark out loud at these pups who got all dressed up for Halloween this year!

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What’s more fun than actually being ALLOWED to run like crazy dogs all over an office, while the dog-loving humans just laugh and type away?!

Vida’s so cool and special like me. We were both rescued! But Vida had a big ouchy on her leg when her foster daddy found her.