Feeling Racy
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 PJpupp: Not too long ago, the pack headed to Bloomington, Calif., which isn’t too far from the California Speedway in Fontana. I think the rats were feeling “racy” because they did AWESOME! I’ve been to the track many times when Mommy was racing so maybe she was having flashbacks from her racing days and was running extra fast … not sure, but whatever it was, the PM2 dogs did great!

Rickie Roo: I won my class by more than 6 seconds. I was zoom-zoom-zooming!

Gigi: I won two of my classes and got two second places too, plus a fourth place. I was a VERY good girl, mommy says.

TJ_on_tireRickie Roo: Chili Dog was zooming, too — but in a different way.

Gigi: Yep. He was so happy to be able to play after hurting his leg last week that he ran around the field and judge in GIANT circles, running as fast as he could. The crowd thought he was the star of the show!

Rickie Roo: Magi and Kokomo were good, too. Kokomo ran with Mei in Standard, and with Allie in Jumpers, and brought home ribbons! Magi did great too and got ribbons in all of his classes running with mommy.

Gigi: Don’t forget that Mushu ran with Rachel and got a 1st and a 2nd place ribbon! And Bogey was a good boy too!

PJpupp: While they were doing that, I was watching turtles with Mojo at her house. Carla (Mojo’s mom) kept saying something about the turtles being in hibernation but I don’t know what that means so I watched them anyway. In fact, one of them was staring me down for the longest time … Carla says it was a decorative turtle that was lifelike, but she can’t fool me. I may be old, but I know a turtle when I see one!

Rickie Roo: Today LC got to see her boyfriend Flip. He’s a Parson Russell Terrier — he and his brother Edge came by to train on our field. LC just loves Flip, and he loves her, too.

Gigi: Oh, and Gracie the Aussie went home. She stayed with us for two weeks while her mommy had back surgery. Mushu Hu is still here — her mommy is in China doing stuff for a movie. 

PJpupp: Good thing, because our friend Felicity is coming to stay with us with her Toy Fox Terrier, Spender, to show in Conformation at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Beau and Bogey and Magi are showing in the agility portion of the event, so we will have a full house and a fun time!

Rickie Roo: Gigi and I get to go, too!

PJpupp: Yes, you will be joining your friend TJ in the i Love Dogs booth in the agility area of the event. Hobo might come, too!

Rickie Roo: I like TJ. I’ve been trying to teach him agility, but he doesn’t run as fast as one would hope. But he does have an excellent attitude.

Gigi: I wonder if he will even leave the start line next time he comes to class?

Rickie Roo: I dunno. I did my best to get him to move around last time.

PJpupp: I know you did, Rickie Roo, there’s only so much you can take responsibility for when it comes to TJ.

Gigi: He’s a good spokesdoggie, though — remember when we were in a commercial with him?

PJpupp: Yep. That was fun. Let’s go watch ourselves on TV again right now!

Gigi and Rickie Roo: OK!

Written by PJpupp, Rickie Roo, and Gigi

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