You’re Right, Rickie Roo: We Rocked It at the Cynosport World Games!
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Deb_Gigi_CynosportGigi: Hi, everyone! My sister PJpupp usually is the main writer for our blog, but she’s a bit under the weather, so she’s given me the duty today. Since we last blogged a pack of us from the PM2 Dog Agility Team went all the way from California to Kentucky to compete in the 2010 USDAA Cynosport World Games in the sport of agility.

Rickie Roo: We saw my brother Burns there. He didn’t do REAL agility, but he did lure coursing!

Gigi: Yes he did, Roo. He’s not as old as you are, so both he and LC had to settle on running the fun “Doggie Do Right” course for non-competing dogs.

Rickie Roo: LC did GREAT! Burns looked good until he made a NO NO right in the ring!

Gigi: HA HA HA, yes he did! He is so funny – he was all proud of himself, but his mommy (our Aunt Jeri) was embarrassed.

Rickie Roo: Our mommy didn’t get embarrassed at this event.

Gigi: How could she? We ROCKED it on the agility course!

Rickie Roo: Yes we did!

Gigi: Mommy was very proud of all of your runs in Performance Versatility Pairs. You did not get eliminated from ANY of your runs. You were a GOOD GIRL and you won 4th place in the Rekoons class!

Rickie Roo: That’s ’cause I’m a star – a Burway star. My grammy Barbie says so all the time.

Deb_RickieRoo_CynosportGigi: That’s because you ARE a Bur Way Star. You’re from their lines of Rat Terriers, just like your cousin Moxie and your half-brother Burns, who were also at the event.

Rickie Roo: Moxie is REALLY good. She is always ready to run.

Gigi: Yes, they had a good time at the event and it was so fun to see them. They live in New Jersey and we live in California, so we don’t get to see them very often.

Rickie Roo: Magi was a Star, too. He did great and almost made the finals in the Performance Grand Prix. He missed going by just two spots!

Gigi: Well, they can only take so many dogs to the finals, so that’s sad. But weren’t you proud of Chili Dog when he ran in the finals as part of the Junior Handler Spotlight?

Rickie Roo: Oh yes, he and Mei looked super duper. Chili even got a fan club! All the dogs in our section were howling for him, for real. First it was Lexi who spotted Chili out in the ring and howled and howled for him. Then some others joined in, and soon it was a singing party! The nice people from Team Mexico that were sitting behind us wondered what the heck was going on.

Gigi: That was funny. I though that Perry did great with Mei, too. He’s almost 13 years old and ran faster than lots of the much younger dogs.

Rickie Roo: You were super good, Little G. Mommy said she was super proud of you.

Magi_CynosportGigi: Well, I’m proud of mommy. She ran with Magi, you and me in a total of 22 runs and only had one run with a mistake – Magi took a tunnel instead of the A-frame in the Performance Speed Jumping Semi Final. She was sad about that, but said it was one of his BEST runs ever! She had three other Semi Final runs and was clear with no errors in all of those. She also got 4th place with Magi in the Rekoons class.

Rickie Roo: I thought our friend Cheers was super good in Rekoons with his handler, Robert Moray.

Gigi: Yes, they were very good. I was glad we were there to cheer them on as they drove with us from California to Kentucky in the i Love Dogs van.

Rickie Roo: Lots of people looked at us kinda funny when we drove past them in that purple van. Even funnier when they saw our friend TJ trying to drive.

Gigi: TJ does NOT have a driver’s licence, so mommy put him in his crate and told him to STAY. And he did.

Rickie Roo: We had a lot of fun in our hotel room while Mei, Robert, Jeri and TJ went to Churchill Downs and saw where the Kentucky Derby is held.

Gigi: I had more fun stopping at different places on the way there and back. Can you name all the states we went through on our trip?

Deb_Cynosport_mapRickie Roo: Maybe. I remember California, ’cause that’s where we started; Arizona, ’cause we stayed at a hotel there; New Mexico, ’cause of the pretty pictures we took on the red rocks; Texas, ’cause we saw the biggest cross ever (and Robert said to mommy, “Hey what’s that thing that looks like a big cross?” and mommy said, “Uh, it’s a big cross”); Missouri, because we went to Meramec Caverns; Illinois, ’cause we were almost there; and Kentucky, ’cause we were THERE and showed all week.

On the way back home, we went to Indiana and through Iowa – where LC might have caught a mouse in our hotel room! – and Nebraska, which looked almost exactly the same in the dark. Then we saw all the pretty Aspen trees in Colorado, the funny buildings in Las Vegas, and then back into California.

Gigi: WOW, Roo. You really WERE paying attention!

Rickie Roo: Yes, I was. And at every stop we gave out some TJ Health bites and i Love Dogs tennis balls to friends along the way: The nice people at the Dairy Queen; the cool waiter at Applebee’s; the friendly people in New Mexico; the nice lady at a scary-looking motel in what mommy called “the middle of nowhere, USA;” the handsome cowboy outside the Cracker Barrel in Iowa; and some really nice old people in Colorado. They all said hi and got goodies from the purple i Love Dogs mobile.

Deb_Cynosport_MotlGigi: Yes, we met lots of people and had very good results at the Cynosport Games, too. How awesome is that?

Rickie Roo: We met people from lots of different countries. I got to interview some. I interviewed dogs from Japan, China, Canada, Mexico and France. Of course, I still have a little bitty crush on Lucky, who is from Mexico, but since I already have a boyfriend, I behaved myself. Mr. Frazier, the Decker Rat Terrier, would not like it if he thought I was busy flirting with Mexican Border Collies at the dog shows.

Gigi: Probably not, Rickie Roo. LC pie’s boyfriend came to the event. Flip, the Parson Russell Terrier, was so happy to see her. And she was quite a proud girl when he made it to the finals and the crowd cheered for him.

Rickie Roo: You don’t have a boyfriend Gigi… how come?

Gigi: That’s ’cause I like to meet lots of dogs, like my teammate Jackson from Virginia. He was one handsome boy and I often saw him ringside when it was my turn to run.

Rickie Roo: My partner Lexi was there to watch me too, with her mommy, who is our Aunt Linda.

Gigi: Yes, she was, as were lots of our Action Rats friends: Dylan and Duncan; Thor and Burns; Peaches and your cousin Moxie; Rebound and Export; and, of course, our teammates.

Rickie Roo: Magi’s teammate Tizzy was REALLY nice.

Gigi: Yes, she was. He was lucky to meet her.

Deb_Cynosport_NewMexicoRickie Roo: Do you think Tizzy is Magi’s girlfriend?

Gigi: No. They are just friends. Magi doesn’t seem to love anyone, other than our mommy and his mommy. Other than that, he likes everyone.

Rickie Roo: OH, you forgot to tell them how we were on the news in Kentucky!

Gigi:You’re right, we were on the news.

Rickie Roo: And besides us, lots of our friends did REALLY well!

Gigi: Again, you’re right, Rickie Roo.

Rickie Roo: Can you say that again?

Gigi: What?

Rickie Roo: Can you say “You’re right, Rickie Roo” again? I don’t think I have ever heard that before!

Gigi: You know what I can say? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Gigi laughs and pounces on Rickie Roo.)

Rickie Roo: And I can say it back: GRRRRRRrrrrr! (Rickie Roo pounces on Gigi.)

Gigi: Hey, I can’t blog if you are pouncing me!

Rickie Roo: So what? You’re a DOG! You’re supposed to pounce and play, not blog all day!

Gigi: You’re right, Rickie Roo!

And off they go, pouncing and grrr-ing all the while.

Written by PJpupp, Rickie Roo, and Gigi

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  1. Jeri,Thor & Burns says:

    Yes in d d….Cynosports was lots of fun. I, Burns, had the most fu, Lure course rocked and I smoked it! Playing at night with my buddies especially Chili and LC and snuggling with Auntie Deb. I slept with her the first night too. ;0D
    Miss Mei gave me lots of extra attention too, hope she comes to visit me in Scotland. Aunti Deb already said she would.

    Thor had fun too but didnt’ like all the rough housing at night. PAW T pooper. He got slots of extra cuddles too.

    Mommy had loads of fun especially being with all her rat friends and TX friends before moving to Scotland. We are all going to miss them ….ALOT!

    Will expect to read a blog like this with even better news in it next year.
    high paws and happiness from your #1 fans,
    Thor, Burns and their momma Jeri

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