Little Miss LC is a Canine Good Citizen
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PJpupp: I am so happy that LC passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test this past Saturday at the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club match.LC_CGC

Rickie Roo: I’m a Canine Good Citizen!

Gigi: Me too! And so is Chili Dog! Are you a Canine Good Citizen PJpupp?

PJpupp: Oh yes, I’ve had my CGC for more than 11 years.

Gigi: How about Hobo? Does he have his CGC?

PJpupp: Not yet, but one day he will. All the dogs in our family have CGCs. I think Miss LC is the youngest to earn hers though, she’s just 6 months old. Mommy won’t let us take the CGC unless she thinks we will pass. She isn’t so sure Hobo will stay when he’s told to. She’s certain he will do the rest of it — oh wait, he might have problems with the part where you get left with a friendly stranger for three minutes while mommy goes somewhere else. He is very attached to mommy.

Gigi: When I took the CGC I passed that part. But near the end I was wondering where mom was so I said, “BARK!” and I waited 20 seconds and said, “BARK!” She didn’t hear me so I waited 20 more seconds and said, “BARK!” while sitting very politely with the stranger. Since I wasn’t upset or agitated, I passed. But that made mommy very nervous. She is quite proud that all of us have passed it on our very first attempt. Even Rickie Roo!

Rickie Roo: When I took the test at the Belgian Turv Club of Southern California show I did my sits and downs, and when I was done mommy and the evaluator looked down and there was a dead birdie right in front of my toes. I was so good taking my test that I didn’t try to eat it or play with it. Mommy said that was most impressive.

PJpupp: There are 10 parts to the test. Mommy goes to the AKC website to refresh her memory before taking the test. This time though, she was busy with raffle stuff and decided to just “go for it” and so was quite pleased with our little pup.

Gigi: I think Hobo really wants a CGC too. He looked a little bit jealous of LC.

PJpupp: He got over it fairly quickly after mommy gave him a prize he won in the raffle.

Rickie Roo: He won some cookies! He shared them with all of us.

Gigi: The match was fun. I got to run in Rally. Mommy only made two mistakes, but the judge smiled and said we did fine and even gave mommy a high-five later on!

Rickie Roo: I was gonna run in rally with Gabrielle but she got sick and so I didn’t get to have my turn. I got to walk around the show with our friend Kitty though, and she gave me some cookies.

PJpupp: We were very busy in the raffle area but it was good that we got to participate in some of the fun activities too.

Rickie Roo: We had even more fun at Amelia Bedelia’s house on Sunday morning.

Gigi: I got to lounge in the sun and take a nap. The people at the party said I looked like a diva.

Rickie Roo: Lots of our Rattie friends and relatives came. It was fun. Mommy and Mei brought Gigi, LC, Chili Dog and me to the party. LC’s gamma Lyznie brought her brothers Ike and Magnum, and our friend Jackie brought our pals Kadoo and Courage. We got to run run run, play agility, meet the horses and have snacks. It was super fun.

PJpupp: Hobo met himself a new girlfriend.

Gigi: What? I thought he just fell in love with Kokomo last Thursday.

PJpupp: He did. Apparently his heart is a bit fickle. I hope Kokomo doesn’t get too jealous. He fell in love with Rosie the Mule whom he met at the Rattie Play Day. It’s funny how he likes the reddish girls. He was climbing the fence to give Rosie kisses.

Gigi: On Thursday he couldn’t get enough of Kokomo and Koko kept hitting him with her hip and flirting with him. I guess he forgot about that.

Rickie Roo: I had to go over and remind him that he is a dog and she is a mule. I don’t know if he cared or not.

Gigi: Hobo is a silly boy!

PJpupp: Girls, we have to stop chatting now, we need to pack for your big trip to Texas for the USDAA South Central Regional event in Fort Worth, Texas. You will be going in the i Love Dogs mobile and will be driving from California to Texas starting tomorrow. There is lots to do before then. We can check back in with our friends along the way, so say bye-bye for now.

Gigi: Bye

Rickie Roo: Bye-bye for now.

Written by PJpupp, Rickie Roo, and Gigi

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  1. Golly what gorgeous ratties! I have two myself and I so enjoyed watching your videos. Keep filming! Sandy


  2. PJpupp says:

    Thank you. We are very proud of our Rat Terriers.

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