Camp Was Fun!
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PJpupp: Recently, we took some of the members of the PM2 Dog Agility Team right up the road to Rolling Hills Estates anBeauWinsd showed the Kids Corner Summer Camp what dog agility is all about.

Rickie Roo: Mommy introduced you very first out of everyone, PJpupp!

PJpupp: That’s because she was explaining to the kids why we are called the PM2 Dog Agility Team. I’m the P for PJpupp.

Rickie Roo: And Mojo and Magi are the two Ms!

PJpupp: Yes they are. And we are the first three dogs of the team. But then mommy introduced all of you too.KidJumpingHurdle

Gigi: We did some tricks as we were introduced.

Rickie Roo: YES! Gigi rode her skateboard! PJpupp worked the doggie gumball machine! I did a HUPPY PUPPY (jumping up into mommy’s arms). Magi rolled over and over, and over, and he walked backwards on his hind legs too. Perry did some obedience. LC showed how fast she can run through a tunnel and Chili Dog posed like a super model. Kokomo crawled, Mason gave kisses and sneezed on command and Beau ran and caught his ball.

PJpupp: All of the dogs did very good tricks!

Gigi: Then came the fun part! AGILITY! [She's so happy she starts chasing her tail.]KidswithBeau

Rickie Roo: YES! AGILITY! [She tries to chase her own tail too, but then realizes she doesn't have one -- only a nub. So she hops up and down instead.]

PJpupp: Calm down girls, you do agility every week.

Gigi: But not with so many kids cheering us on and having fun.

PJpupp: That’s true. I believe we had about 100 kids for each show this time. 

Rickie Roo: We did two shows!

Gigi: We got to do what mommy calls “freestyle agility.” That means our handler got to make up what we wanted to do. So if a doggie wasn’t that good at the weaves, they didn’t have to do them. They did whatever the handler wanted to do so each dog had a different demo.

Rickie Roo: I LOVE the weaves!KidWeaves

Gigi: They’re OK but I like the tunnels the best.

PJpupp: How about the races? We split the kids up and let them pick their dog to cheer for in a timed race.

Rickie Roo: That was fun!

Gigi: Yeah and then we did a relay. That was fun too.

PJpupp: I enjoyed it when mommy had the kids do the relay and run through the obstacles. We got to sit back and watch. 

Rickie Roo: Then we did some MORE agility! Whoo Hoo!

PJpupp: Yes, we did. We also fit in some questions and answers in the program and talked about each of our breeds and when someone answered a question correctly they got an iLoveDogs tennis ball or frisbee.

Gigi: It was a super fun day. The kids at the Kids Corner Day Camp ROCKED!

PJpupp: I couldn’t say it any better myself.

Written by PJpupp, Rickie Roo, and Gigi

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