Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
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PJpupp: Wow, our pack has been having one super busy summer! Since I last blogged, we have been at dodeb mei ildmobileg shows every single weekend and have been doing GREAT.

Rickie Roo: We went all the way to UTAH for a dog show!

Gigi: Yep, it was fun!

PJpupp: All of us loaded up in the i Love Dogs van and drove from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the United States Dog Agility Association’s Rocky Mountain Regional event.

Rickie Roo: Some of our friends came with us too – just to cheer us on!

PJpupp: That’s right, Roo. In our lovely pink and purple air conditioned van we had Hobo, PJpupp, Magi, Gigi, LC, Chili Dog, Bogey, Lacey Jane, you, Mom and Mei too!

Gigi: Don’t forget we took all our stuff and three big boxes of TJ’s Health Bites, i Love Dogs goodies and bags to give out to each competitor. AND we stayed in a hotel too — it was LC’s first time EVER in a hotel. She was good.

PJpupp: Our Magi did such a good job at the event that he was declared the 2010 USDAA Regional Performance Grand Prix CHAMPION and earned himself a Bye (a free pass) directly into the semi finals at the nationals event that will be held later this year in Kentucky.

Gigi: He was really surprised. Magi didn’t think he would ever, ever, EVER win such a big event.gigi bye

Rickie Roo: Magi is my HERO!

PJpupp: All of you did so well; you all earned multiple blue ribbons. Don’t forget that Gigi earned High Overall Dog in the Performance Versatility Pairs classes!

Gigi: I didn’t get a trophy or a fancy ribbon like Magi did though.

PJpupp: No you didn’t, but that’s OK. We are so proud of you for doing so well!

Gigi: I got one this weekend though!

Rickie Roo: She did! She did! [Hops and twirls about.] She did! MY sister won the Performance Grand Prix!

PJpupp [Smiling like only a proud older sister can smile.]: Yes she did, Roo. She earned a Bye to the second round at the next regional event by winning her Performance Grand Prix event. That means when we go to either Texas or Northern California for a regional event, Gigi can turn that in and can automatically go into round two of the Performance Grand Prix.

Rickie Roo: How come Magi didn’t get one of those papers?

PJpupp: At a regional event, you have to have earned a qualifying score (Q) at one of the local events to participate in certain classes. The Performance Grand Prix (PGP), Grand Prix and Steeplechase are among those classes. Magi had earned a Q in the PGP but had not WON at a local event. So when we were in Utah he had to compete in round one and if he was good enough that day he would move to round two. He happened to win round one and so he then competed against all those dogs that had won in their local events in round two and since it must have been HIS day, he won! Since he is a Regional Champion, he doesn’t need one of those papers. USDAA knows he has the Bye because he got the trophy!

Rickie Roo: Someday I’m going to win a Bye too!magi regional

Gigi: It might take a while Roo-ster – Magi is 9 and I’m 8 years old. You are only 2 years old. Still a baby.

Rickie Roo: I am not a baby! LC is the baby!

Gigi: You are a baby too.

Rickie Roo: Mommy calls YOU her little baby.

PJpupp: She calls ALL of us that, Roo. Gigi means you are young and have lots to look forward to in your agility career. For now, you are making your name by being a roving reporter for the USDAA’s website. You have met many interesting dogs and people and have interviewed them for

Gigi: Yes – you are famous!

Rickie Roo: I still wanna win my own trophy, just like Magi! Hey, PJpupp! Did you tell them that Mei is running our pal Beau the Bedlington Terrier in agility now?

Gigi: Beau used to compete with mommy, now he is running with Mei and they look super duper together!

Rickie Roo [whispering]: Between you and me Gigi, don’t you think Beau looks kinda like a sheep?

Gigi [whispers back]: Yep… but he must not be a sheep because if he was PJpupp would be herding him all around the show site.

PJpupp: What are you girls talking about?

Rickie Roo: We were just saying how much you like to herd sheep.

PJpupp: Oh yes, that is fun. I was never as good at it as our Glynn used to be, but all of us have our own special skills. I sure did like chasing them around in circles though. Glynn used to be able to work in a big field and listen to the whistles mommy blew, then would bring the sheep right back to where she wanted them. I just worked in a little arena, but it was fun. Mommy and Glynn won a shepherding competition together before Glynn passed away.

Rickie Roo: I sure wish I had met Glynn.

Gigi: He was super cool. He liked to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as his reward.

Rickie Roo: I like Chicken!

Gigi: So do I. In fact, after I won the other day mommy said, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” But she didn’t give me chicken, she gave me meatballs. That’s kinda weird, isn’t it?

Rickie Roo: She said the same thing to Magi after he won and he got meatballs too. Maybe mommy thinks meatballs are the same as chicken.

PJpupp: I don’t think so Roo, I think somehow “Winner, winner meatball dinner” just doesn’t come to her mind.

Rickie Roo: Hey! Did you tell them about the “Mojitos and Mutts” party? We went to that too! We had fun!

PJpupp: I almost forgot about that Roo! We had a fun time at the Hotel Maya and Mojitos and Mutts party hosted by our friends at i Love Dogs.

Gigi: Mushu Hu had the most fun. She was really excited.

PJpupp: That Mushu is always up for a good party!

Rickie Roo: I like parties too! I can make a party of out ANYTHING … even lunch time! I have an idea! Lets go bug mommy until she feeds us and we can have a lunch party!

Gigi: OK. I can do one bark and then tilt my head and look cute. That usually works.

Rickie Roo: Great! If that doesn’t work, I will jump up on her lap and give her kisses. She LOVES that.

PJpupp: Ok Girls, lets go get her!

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Written by PJpupp, Rickie Roo, and Gigi

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