Can You Use a Little Brain and Brawn?
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Brain_and_BrawnDon’t ask me why, but some humans hate us Pit Bull-type pooches. They say we’re mean and vicious and lots of other terrible things. It makes me so sad, but then when I hear about a story like this one my tail starts wagging really hard again. Maybe it will help those people see that we’re really good dogs – even though sometimes our humans are big jerks.

Last week, two construction workers in West Palm Beach, Florida saw a skinny little male puppy – with a 20-pound chain around his neck, yikes! – start to stumble across a real busy street. His buddy, an older black Pit Bull mix, moved in and helped him cross the street.

“They seemed to be friends,” David Walesky of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control told “She was nudging him, telling him to get out of the road. They were crossing traffic. He was worn out and she was in front of him saying, ‘Let’s get across this together. I’m waiting for you, buddy – let’s go.’ ”

Walesky said she was encouraging him and guiding him across the street. “He was up and moving, but it is difficult to drag that heavy of a chain,” he said.

The construction workers picked up the pooches and took them to a nearby shelter. But shelters aren’t always a great place for dogs, as I know all too well. When a super nice lady named Kay-Lynette Roca heard that the dogs might be euthanized (after all that – can you imagine?!), she rescued them and brought them to her Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, which is the only one in South Florida that takes Pit Bulls. You know, I hear Miami is exciting and all, but since Pit Bulls and mixes like me are banned there, guess I’ll never know for sure.

BOL, the black dog was named “Brains” and the skinny puppy was named “Brawn.” Now they’re chilling together at the no-kill (yay!) sanctuary while Brawn gets treated for heartworms and puts on some weight so he lives up to his name. Then the pawls will get to stay on a 28-acre ranch, lucky dogs!

Well, I guess they’re not really lucky unless they find a furever home together. Roca said she’ll only adopt them out that way, since she doesn’t want them to ever be separated. She thinks they ran away from a terrible situation. In their neighborhood some humans put heavy chains on their dogs to bulk up their muscles. Hey, stupid people, ya ever heard of a long walk or hike?

“They seem to know one another,” Roca said. “She is protective of him, and she seems to be the leader.” She said both pooches are “very sweet” and show no aggression toward humans or other dogs. (Gosh, that sounds just like a whole lot of Pitties I know!)

If you can use a little Brain and Brawn, visit the sanctuary’s website or call 561-747-5311.


Leroy TJ profileLeroy is a 3-year-old “Terribull” adopted from a Carson, Calif. shelter by i Love Dogs writer Laura Goldman. When he’s happy, Leroy snorts just like a pig. He really misses his gal pal Sophie, who passed to the Rainbow Bridge last November. But he adores his new pawl Ella and his chew toys (a little too much). Check out Leroy’s other articles!



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  1. Ron McCaw says:

    Great story, Leroy. Hope, Brains & Brawn get a furever home, soon !

  2. Leroy says:

    Oh, so do I, Ron, so do I! (Paws crossed) :O)

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