Leroy the Terribull
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By Sophie

My furry friend Leroy fancies himself a Gerbulloxer (German Shepherd/Bulldog/Boxer), but I think the pup’s a tad delusional. I mean, look at him.

Leroy big head

German Shepherd? Please. He got that kooky idea in his head because the shelter he was rescued from called him a “Shepherd mix.” Yes, apparently they were a tad delusional, too.  

I would say the only thing Leroy has in common with a German Shepherd is a pink tongue!

Boxer? No, I don’t really think so. Leroy is built like a tank – a tank with short legs that aren’t at all like the graceful, long limbs of this breed.

If I were a gambling girl, I’d wager 1,000 TJ’s Health Bites that Leroy is most likely an Old Anglican Bulldogge (pictured below right – do you see what I mean?), or what I prefer to call “Terribull.”

He’s half American Staffordshire Terrier and half Old English Bulldogge.

Olde Anglican

I don’t know if the same is true of all Terribulls, but I must say that Leroy has the best temperament of any dog I’ve had the pleasure to have known. I tell you, the pup is always cheerful!

When he wakes up from a deep sleep, his tail is wagging.

When he gets sent out to the backyard for barking at the delivery man (a little trick I taught him), his tail wags the whole time.

When he gets reprimanded for destroying our dog mom’s favorite shoes and … well, I bet you can guess what’s wagging.

While it’s quite nice to be around someone so happy all the time, I must say that he makes me seem a bit like an old sourpuss – yet that’s only because I choose to use discretion.

I only wag my tail when a special occasion merits it, such as receiving treats or going for a walk. No tail cramps for me, thank you very much.


Sophie TJ profile

Sophie was almost 84 dog years old when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last November. She was adopted by i Love Dogs writer Laura Goldman in 1998 from a Hawthorne, Calif., shelter. Sophie “Do Do” loved long naps, looking out the front windows and most of all, her best buddy Leroy. Check out her other articles!

Written by Sophie

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  1. Amy says:

    I have a 2yr old American Bulldog/Boxer mix, his name is Mr. Mac and he’s all white with a black nose. I do see the Boxer in the above dog. I had a lady at a pet store tell me that the American bulldog with the boxer shaped head is the Johnson American bulldog line. Whatever my Mr. Mac is he’s my babe. Adopted him from a local pound and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  2. I love all of you and I miss you and I love all my dogs I rescue all dogs……love you…….misss…..you….

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