The Happiest Snorting Pooch in the World
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By Leroy

Hey everybody. My name’s Leroy, and I’m about 2 1/2 years old. I was adopted two years ago from the Carson Shelter in the Los Angeles area, where I’d been brought in as a stray.

Leroy pound pup

The shelter dudes said I was a “Shepherd mix.” I like to think I’m a Gerbulloxer: a German Shepherd/Bulldog/Boxer…along with maybe just a little bit of pot-bellied pig!

See, the shelter dudes named me “Snortie” because of the noise I make whenever I’m happy or excited. You probably won’t believe it, but I snorted a lot – even in my cold and stinky little cell. Nope, it doesn’t take much to make my tail wag … you could say I always see my water bowl as half full. BOLOL!

My new pup parents-to-be and their Pit Bull mix, a cute gal named Sophie, had been really bummed because Larry, their 12-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, had gone to dog heaven. They really, really loved that pooch.

But when they were ready to welcome a new furever friend into their home, the first place they came to look for one was my shelter. And when we laid eyes on each other, it was love at first sight!

Because I’d just been brought to the shelter as a stray, I had to stay in there for a week in case my pet parents came to claim me. Leroy-grassWell, for whatever reason, they never showed up. I’m sure it was because they didn’t know about the shelter, and no way because they didn’t want me anymore. I mean, come on – I bet I’m the happiest snorting pooch in the world!

I know they loved me a lot, because they took the time to housebreak me and teach me how to sit and stay. That’s all I really remember about them. I hope they don’t miss me too much.

Leroy&Sophie kissing in grass

As soon as I got better after a little case of kennel cough, my new pup parents came and took me to my new home. At first I acted all macho around their dog Sophie, trying to show her that I was the new boss. Sophie would have none of that, I’ll tell ya. (She’s a real purdy older pooch whose fur coat looks like it belongs on a cow.)

“There’s only one alpha dog around here, junior,” she snarled at me, “and you ain’t it.”

Once we got that settled, Sophie and I became best poochie pawls. She’s taught me how to play tug-of-war with our dog dad’s socks, and a fun game (for me at least) where she just stands and barks while I run around her really fast until I get so dizzy I have to sit down.

She’s also taught me some awesome tricks, like barking and running to the front door when the doorbell rings (even if it’s on TV), and how to sneak under the table and score tasty crumbs when our pet parents aren’t looking. Sweet!

I’ve taught Sophie a few things too, like how to chill out and enjoy more things in life. She’s scared of lots of stuff that doesn’t bother me at all – water, fireworks, our dog dad yelling at the Lakers on TV – so I spend a whole lot of time assuring her that it’s all good.

I’m also trying to teach her how to snort, but I think that’s gonna take a while.


Leroy TJ profileLeroy is a 2-year-old “Terribull” adopted from a Carson, Calif., shelter by i Love Dogs writer Laura Goldman. When he’s happy, Leroy snorts just like a pig. He really misses his gal pal Sophie, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last November. But he adores his new pawl Ella and his chew toys (a little too much). Check out Leroy’s other articles

Written by Leroy

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  1. Ron McCaw says:

    Leroy, is a literary GENIUS ! A,very happy story about beautiful doggies! ( The sad part was the loss of Larry and Sophie but they were blessed to have a good life and loving home ! ) Will read more about Leroy and Ella. They, are facinating !

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